Completing this application does not guarantee adoption. Our first responsibility is to the cat/kitten and to ensuring a permanent, lifelong match. For this reason, we reserve the right to decline any adoption. Please answer each question completely.
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If previously owned pet(s) is deceased, what was the cause of death?:

Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep this new cat? (Please check all that apply.):
Spouse/child is allergic
Needs too much attention
Job change/loss
New house/apt.
Scratches carpet/drapes/furniture
Behavioral problems
Expensive vet bills
Conflicts w/other pets
Sprays, litter box problems
Needs special diet
Cat becomes disabled
Requires daily treatment
Other (please specify):

If you have to give up this cat for any of the above checked reasons, what will you do with the cat?:
If you rent, provide your landlord's or rental complex name and phone number:
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Does anyone in your family or home have a history of cat allergies? Yes No
Where do you plan to keep your cat? Indoor Only Outdoor Only Indoor/Outdoor Other:
Where will the cat sleep?
Will your cat have access to a doggy door, garage, or balcony that would allow it to go outdoors? Yes No
Hours pet would be alone: 8-9 Hours 9 Plus Hours Less Than 8 Hours Rarely
When you go on vacation who will care for the cat? House Sitter Kennel Friend/Relative Other:
Do you intend to declaw the cat you adopt? Yes No
(If you don't know what declaw means, ask OCARC for explanation before answering)
What supplies will you purchase to ensure the cat/kitten can scratch appropriately?
What will you do with your new cat:
 - if you move to a new home that does not allow pets?
 - if you get married?
 - if a new boyfriend/girlfriend is allergic to cats?
 - if you travel?
 - if you moved locally?
 - if you moved out of state?
If your pet had a behavioral problem, what would you do? Ask Vet Take To Shelter Give Away
Call Trainer Train Yourself Seek Help From The Internet Call OCARC Other:
Please list your current Veterinarian:
What would you do if your cat required expensive veterinary care? How much would you spend?

By submitting this form , I attest that the answers I have given in this document are true and factual to the best of my knowledge and that I have not misrepresented myself in any way.

I understand that the cat/kitten I am adopting has been rescued. While in the OCARCís care, the cat/kitten has received appropriate medical care as needed. There is however a chance that my new kitten could have been exposed to a virus while on its way to being rescued and adopted. I agree to be financially responsible for veterinary costs, if any, associated with continuing care. I understand I am assuming any and all risks associated with this adoption. I further understand that if the cat/kitten harms, injures or makes ill any person or animal, or damages any property, I shall assume all responsibility for such, and that the OCARC shall not be held in any way responsible.

I understand that the OCARC reserves the right to decline my application for adoption for any reason.